Who We Are

Since 2015 Decided Excellence Media has tailored new publishers to produce local magazines that strengthen Catholic communities. Those magazines feature local parishioners, relevant parish content, and exceptional articles from Catholics across the nation. We connect the publishers of each magazine with local businesses looking to sponsor that content. Those sponsorships are what keep the wonderful content flowing! In turn this has made DE a leading promotional solution for local businesses.

DE has grown exponentially since its founding - proof positive that the right kind of local print media is not only alive, but thriving. Since 2015 we've grown our publications over 250% making Decided Excellence Media one of the fastest growing media companies in North America.










Positive culture is such an important element of our business at Decided Excellence Media. It's what makes coming into work every day an enjoyable experience.

Our culture hinges on 4 Cardinal Virtues. Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance. The most important of these is prudence: the power of decision making. Desiring what is good, knowing what is true, and then pursuing what is good. We value prudence the most, because without it you cannot have the others.

When stepping through our doors you get a sense of the humility of our staff and the spirit they put behind their work. That culture is reflected as well in our publishers all over the U.S.

Our Social Community

Stay up to date on what the world is saying about us on social media! Our twitter handles are below for your convenience, and we encourage you to join in on the conversation. Your voice is important to us, and helps us to better understand the interests of our community.