Decided Excellence Catholic Media began in 2015 and has grown exponentially since its founding. Taking a refined niche magazine model that was perfected over a decade by its founders, Decided Excellence Catholic Media has fast become a leading advertising solution for local businesses. In fact, last year Decided Excellence Catholic Media grew by over 250% -- proof positive that the right kind of local print media is not only alive, but thriving! Today, Decided Excellence Catholic Media is one of the fastest growing media companies in North America.


It’s a powerful yet simple tool that places you on the inside of a network. DE magazines shine the spotlight on people within a network, creating interest and trust among members. Our content inspires faith, encourages the family and also places businesses within this personal and powerful local network. DE provides the opportunity to become a well-respected sponsor within this network.

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    “I took our family feature to New York to share with our daughter, when she read the article about her grandpa, she burst into tears.”
    -Gilboy family
    “We’ll have to get this here, this is great marketing!”
    -Timothy Cardinal Dolan
    “I love reading about fellow parishioners. First off I may know the face but didn't know their name, now I do. Thank you for all you do :)”
    -Terri and Jim
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    “What great work, keep it up, we need it!”
    -Timothy Cardinal Dolan
    “I really look forward to receiving St. Peter's magazine each month. I particularly enjoy the spotlight on families, where I’m able to put names to the faces I see every week at Mass. In fact, when my family was featured, it allowed us to meet more people in our parish as they approached us after reading our story. It really brings the community together.”
    -Gisele M.
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    “This is wonderful.  I hope the magazine continues.  Our church community has been so supportive.  The church needs this, we need this.”
    -Gilboy family
    “Our Magazine has helped to shrink our large parish community. It's been a wonderful way to learn what the parish has been up to, get connected with our pastor through his letter, and put names to some of the faces we see at weekly mass. I always look forward to receiving it!”
    -Matarese family
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    “St. Peter Magazine is an excellent way to reach all of our parishioners with articles about faith, and spotlights on parish families and things that are occurring at the parish. Because it is mailed to their homes, all parishioners receive the magazine, even those at the peripheries and allows them to become more involved in the life of the parish. It is a great way to evangelize, catechize and inform our parish family!”
    -Fr. Don
    “We were honored to be in the magazine and share our family faith legacy. It allowed us to connect with our broader parishioner family and brings a deeper connection to the passion we all have with our faith and church.”
    -The Pfohl Family
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    “This is great. We need one of these magazines in every parish and part of Chicago. Our entire state is just waiting for us to build these publications. Everyone benefits from what all of you are doing. Whether a parish, city, or town, the whole community will be united with your publication. They are waiting for you. Keep making those calls and building those relationships!”
    -Fr. Larry from Chicago, IL
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    “I read this magazine all the way through, every time!”
    -John from St. Germaine Parish, Oak Lawn, IL
    “We truly enjoy the magazine. The articles are uplifting and inspiring. The article written about our family has given us the opportunity to meet fellow Parishioners.”
    -August B. from Florida
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    I think this is an amazing gift to the diocese.
    -Fr. Jason from Texas